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  • order policy »

    ALL online orders must be placed 24 hours in advance.

    (you can always call us to try to place a rush order – we’re happy to try to help in any way we can)

    ALL SPECIAL and/or catering orders must be placed via phone, email, or person during SWEET’s order desk hours MON-FRI 8 am to 5 pm.

    For inquiries please email

    We take extra time & effort in the kitchen to personally prepare all pre-orders.

    PLEASE UNDERSTAND NO REFUNDS will be issued on any pre-orders cancelled unless notified 24 hours in advance.

  • delivery policy »

    Delivery is available & ranges from $10+. The delivery fee will be assessed when placing your order. Please refer to our delivery map to determine your delivery charge. Deliveries outside the normal delivery areas may be made for an additional fee.

    For large orders, weddings, or special events, a set-up fee may also apply in addition to the delivery charge. This fee will be assessed during your consultation.

    ALL deliveries will be delivered within an hour window of your designated time.

  • delivery charges »


    0–5 Miles$10.00
    6–10 Miles$15.00
    11–15 Miles$18.00
    16–20 Miles$22.00
    21–25 Miles$28.00
    26–30 Miles$35.00
    31–35 Miles$40.00
    36–40 Miles$50.00

    $20 extra for after hour service


    Orders must be placed 24 hours in advance. Must order before 5PM for the next day.

  • frequently asked questions »

    ARE you a chain or a franchise?

    No. We are proudly Houston’s very own small bakery & locally owned. We’re also the first & original macaron boutique store to open in this city! 

    Do y’all really make everything in house?

    Yes. We make everything. From scratch. 

    Do you offer gluten-free products and how are they prepared?

    Yes, we’re happy & proud to provide gluten-free items (that we assure do not sacrifice on amazing taste!) we always prepare them in separate batches. However, these items are still made in a kitchen that contains items with gluten.

    Do you offer sugar-free desserts? 

    You’re at a place called sweet… the joy of baking and the essence of all things sweet naturally requires sugar. We are all about all-natural. It would just be against our philosophy to do anything sugar-free (besides our coffee & tea).

    Do you offer vegan desserts? 

    Currently, we unfortunately do not. We’re still working on our vegan recipes and hope to launch something great real soon!

    How do I store my cupcakes & how long do they last?

    First & foremost, our cupcakes are made fresh every single day. They are made to be eaten the same day. We are happy to be open early every morning til late every night with the kitchen baking around the clock to offer this fresh convenience. 

    Our cupcakes are genuinely made from all fresh & natural ingredients, which can only be enjoyed when fresh. 

    There are absolutely no artificial ingredients or preservatives of any kind that allow these cupcakes to be the same days later like what you might find at your grocery store.  

    Should you need or want to save these cupcakes to be eaten later, never refrigerate them – just keep them sealed as airtight as possible & try to enjoy them the same day you got them!

    How do I store my macarons & how long do they last?

    Macarons are very delicate. A lot of handwork, intricate timing, and temperature control is required to make them. Houston’s humidity doesn’t make this process any easier either! When macarons are picked up from our store, we recommend that they are enjoyed immediately. If they’re for a gift or you’re taking them somewhere, please keep them airtight and always away from heat or humidity as that directly affects their texture.  

    If you’re saving them for later, always refrigerate them & we recommend they’re enjoyed within 3 days!

    Do you ship your cupcakes or macarons?

    Unfortunately, we currently do not but we are diligently working on our packaging options to enable us to safely & effectively provide this convenience to all our fans outside of Houston real soon!

    How many calories are in your cupcakes?

    We don’t count calories at SWEET.


    Can I make an appointment for tastings?

    Our tastings are by appointment only. You pay for whatever cupcakes, macarons, etc you choose to taste during the appointment. Whatever you spend during your tasting will roll right into your deposit if you decide to book with us. Our standard consultation minimum order is $400. You can always call us to discuss smaller orders over the phone.

    Do you setup when delivering?

    Setup is available for an additional charge. Our sweet table set-ups start at $50 and include arranging your selection on stands and platters you provide or ones that may be rented from us. We love incorporating dessert name displays, props, florals, etc you may provide to fit your occasion as well!

    How much time do you need for setup?

    While it depends on the extent of your sweets, we generally prefer to set up at least 3 hours before your reception/event to allow for ample time to unload, setup, and design your sweet table.

    Do I need a deposit for orders?

    All orders for weddings and special events will only be confirmed with a 50% deposit upon booking. We strongly encourage all wedding orders to be paid for upfront and in full. All remaining balances for orders must be completed two weeks prior to the event date.

    What is a dummy tier?

    A dummy tier is made of styrofoam and is commonly used when you want the height of a bigger cake, but don’t feel the need for all the servings. The dummy tiers are priced according to size.

    Can I customize a macaron flavor or color?

    Yes. We are open to making custom flavors and colors for macarons. However, there is a minimum order of 4 dozen per color or flavor. Please also keep in mind we work with all natural ingredients and certain colors and flavors cannot be guaranteed to be replicated or made to match exactly.

    Can I have extra boxes or bags for my guests?

    Extra packaging of any sort can be purchased in addition to your order.

    Can you make labels for my desserts?

    While we encourage labels to be made by your invitation provider to match your stationary, we can also make labels for your sweets which start at $5 ea.

    How much time do you need if I need to make changes to my order or cancel before my event?

    Changes to your order are accepted up to two weeks before your event. Cancellations are accepted anytime as all deposits and remaining balances are always non-refundable.

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