A macaron is a French, refined, meringue-based cookie sandwich with a crisp shell that yields to a slightly chewy, airy interior, & a lush complimentary filling.

Birthday Cake

Funfetti sprinkled vanilla shell filled with birthday cake buttercream



Gold-dusted coated white shell filled with champagne infused french buttercream



Chocolate Shell Filled with Abuelita Buttercream & A Chocolate Ganache Center



Coconut Shells Filled with Coconut Buttercream


Cookies n’ Creme

Oreo crumb speckled shell filled with oreo cookie buttercream.


Creme Brulee

White shell topped with raw brûlée sugar filled with vanilla french custard cream.


Earl Grey

Grey-blue shell filled with earl grey french buttercream.



Espresso-infused shell filled with espresso french buttercream.


Fruity Pebble

Fruity pebble speckled shell filled with fruity pebble buttercream.


Green Tea

Green tea infused shell filled with pure matcha green tea french buttercream


Honey Lavender

Lavender-infused shell filled with pure honey french buttercream.



Mint green pistachio shell with crushed pistachio filled with pistachio buttercream.



Orange shell filled with pumpkin spice french buttercream


Red Velvet

Red cocoa shell filled with chocolate ganache.



Ivory & light pink shell topped with rose petals filled with rose water french buttercream.



Smores is a graham cracker shell dipped in ganache.


Salted Caramel

Gold shell filled caramel crunch buttercream with a dash of sea salt.


Strawberries & Cream

Pink shell filled with strawberry buttercream & a strawberry jam center


Vanilla Bean

Vanilla bean shell filled with vanilla bean buttercream


Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches


Cookies n' Creme

Cookie Dough

Fruitty Pebble

Vanilla Bean


Macaron - Tower - Large


24" height
Approx. 135 macarons total

Macaron - Tower - Medium


14" height
Approx. 65 macarons total

Macaron - Tower - Small


12" height
Approx. 42 macarons total

Macaron - Tower - X-Small


8" height
Approx. 21 macarons total


Up to 3 color / flavor combinations may be selected.
Any special flavored/colored macaron is a $50 charge for the large macaron tower

Additional Add-ons

Pearl Finish


Base Cake

You may add a single tier cake to serve as a base to any macaron tower.

Personalized Flag


Custom Requests

Please call our design team for any other inquiries!


Sweet Signature Gift Box of 2

Available in silver


Sweet Signature Gift Box of 12

Available in mint


Sweet Signature Gift Box of 50

Available in black


Macaron Boxes

Box of 8


Box of 12


Box of 15


Cellophane bags in any quantity up to 6 macarons tied with any color ribbon is also available.
Any custom flavor or color is a 4 dozen minimum.