Started from a simple passion for sweets

this local small business started in a small kitchen by two self-taught friends. From years of catering small parties, weddings, and farmers markets, SWEET is now a small shop in CityCentre offering a quaint urban refuge, designed and put together by local artists.

SWEET takes pride in offering an array of sweets to eat and drink – all hand-crafted – from french macarons to cookies, cupcakes, coffees, teas, espresso, and tapioca – all made in-house. Baked fresh daily, SWEET uses the finest ingredients from local farmers and producers which are, whenever possible, organic and sustainably produced. SWEET strives to inspire eco-awareness through use of eco-friendly products whenever and wherever possible. Cupcakes are baked in unbleached liners, corn cups are used for teas, recycled cups for coffees, corn-sealed lids for cold drinks, and recycled paper for all packaging. All of SWEET’s furniture is vintage and wood fixtures and glassware are 100% recycled. Taking joy in simple yet fine sweets while supporting everything local and eco-friendly is what SWEET is all about.

Friends of SWEET

Logo - Greenway Coffee Company

Greenway Coffee is based in Houston and produces quality coffee with a focus on sustainability.